Fees and terms

I’m a UK self-employed copywriter, and I generally charge on a per-task or per-project basis.

If your project is subject to multiple stakeholder reviews, then hourly billing or a day rate might work better.

  • For all clients and one-off projects, payment terms are a strict 30 days.
  • My per-task and per-project fees include two rounds of revisions after I’ve submitted my initial first draft.
  • If you require further amendments or want to make significant changes beyond the agreed brief, then additional fees may occur.
  • Until I receive the full payment, the ownership and copyright of my work will reside with me.

What determines your copywriting rates?

The short answer is time. If a copywriting brief requires in-depth research and discussions with clients and stakeholders, it will take longer to complete.

But there’s more to writing than counting words.

If you want to get a quote or have any questions about my copywriting rates, please contact me here. I’ll gladly answer them for you.

“Copywriting is a job. A skilled craft. Verbal carpentry. Words on paper. Scripts to time. And one more thing. Salesmanship.”

— Bruce Bendinger