You can check my LinkedIn here if you want my career story. A summary of my client-based work is available below.

Section A: Blockchain, Fintech and Cryptocurrencies
Section B: Travel Copywriting
Section C: Education, Real Estate and Interior Design
Section D: UX Marketing and Social Media
Section E: Arts and Culture

A) Blockchain, Fintech and Cryptocurrencies 

Serving international clients, I have written Medium articles, bylines and press releases for Cryptoland PR, DM Communications, and Property Bay. My goal is to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies easy to understand for newcomers.


Blockchain FinTech.png


biometric fraud


Iron X press release


B) Travel Copywriting

Insider Guides is an Australian media brand who equip international students with UK travel guides. For this brief, I produced travel pages for East, North East and West London.

Insider Guides

For this three month project, I was commissioned by Sticky Eyes to produce US-English pages for Hertz’s biggest travel destinations.


C) Education, Real Estate and Interior Design

Middlesex University is a North London university providing vocational and digital training to students. For this brief, I collaborated with the graphic designer to create the content and narrative for this 2016 clearing guide.


Student.com is a leading global marketplace for university accommodation in UK, USA and Australia for Far East students. For this assignment, I provided property-based copy and area guides for their UK destinations.

Bangor Student.com

Lavanda is an award-winning UK rental platform syndicating client properties on AirBnb and HomeAway. In a freelance capacity, I produced property listings on their behalf.


Red Door Furnishings is a London-based property styling company. I was commissioned in August 2017 to write their web copy.



D) UX Marketing and Social Media 

JustAnswer.com is a premium Q&A platform that connects visitors with verified experts. I help maximise conversions by creating landing pages, emails, and A.I scripts for their UX, marketing and chatbot teams.

JA Email

Squadplan.ch is a digital content agency based in Zurich, Switzerland. I was commissioned in April 2018 to write their web copy.

Squadplan CH New

When I was managing Transport for London’s @tfltph page in 2015, I increased the follower count by 33% from 4600 to 8000. Overseeing the content marketing process, I produced a visually attractive feed for London’s black cab community.


E) Arts and Culture 

On a freelance basis I have written feature articles for the City and Angel Magazine and NXNW (North by NorthWest) for Zest Media. These have included pieces on the Barbican Centre, Central Saint Martins College, The House (Islington), Yalla Yalla, and Aqua Shard.